ELTERN für dich

For the new toy line "ELTERN für dich", the ELTERN editorial team and the toy manufacturer Hape are pooling their expertise. The cooperation of these two partners is new and unique in the toy industry. The unique models in harmonious pastel shades and made of pollutant-free materials are ideal for small children's hands and can be played with in the first few months.

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Blocks Benno 80 Pcs.
Articolo nr. E8285 In stock
H-ELTERN Bausteinbox Benno
€ 19,49
Apple Grab Toy
Articolo nr. E8500 In stock
H-ELTERN Greifling Apfel Alex
€ 12,66
Beaded Maze Teether
Articolo nr. E8501 In stock
H-ELTERN Greifling Gregor
€ 12,66
Super Stacker
Articolo nr. E8502 Out of stock
H-ELTERN Stapelturm Stina
€ 14,61 Non disponibile
Activity Cube
Articolo nr. E8503 In stock
H-ELTERN Motorikwürfel Momo
€ 58,48
Rabbit Cloth Display (4 pcs.)
Articolo nr. E8504 Out of stock
H-ELTERN Schmusetuch Hase Henri (Displays 4 Stück)
€ 19,49 Non disponibile
Rabbit Cloth Apricot
Articolo nr. E8504-B2C In stock
H-ELTERN Schmusetuch Hase Henri Apricot
€ 14,61
Wobble Dog
Articolo nr. E8505 In stock
H-ELTERN Nachziehhund Hugo
€ 19,49
Twist Rattle n' Roll Display (12 pcs.)
Articolo nr. E8506 In stock
H-ELTERN Rassel Ralf (Display 12 Stück)
€ 9,73